Coventry to Changsha

Coventry School of Art and Design 2012 exchange visit to Central South University (China).

Lisa Webb | Phil Perry (CSAD)
Professor Sun | Mao Han (CSU)

Abigail Ashcroft | Ellen Covey | Alexander Davis | Thomas Fitzmaurice | Paul Harris | Sophia Karvounis | Joseph Marshall | Siti Mohamad | David Morris | Feride Seferaj | Stephanie Sekula | Richard Sharpe | Henry Thomson | Craig Townsend | Melanie Walton | Sean Williams
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(Above) Giving a speech in Chinglish

On the day of the exhibition, two students said a few words regarding the stay in Changsha and how they believed they had benefitted from the experience. I was one of those students and I was foolishly asked to say mine in Chinese. Cracking my knuckles and remembering nothing from those 6 weeks of languages lessons, I managed to string together something legible which garnered a few laughs from our Chinese friends. I enjoyed the opportunity to try and speak to them in their language after they had made so much effort speaking english with us over the two weeks.